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“Education is a guarantee of employment”

Our motto illustrates the pillars of our philosophy, employment with education as a basis of quality, and quality as a future guarantee of the Spanish hospitality industry.

Toledo Culinary Arts comes up from a group of experts at hospitality industry and hospitality industry Training. From 1997, “Escuela de Hostelería Toledo” (Toledo Culinary Arts School) is a reference point for the education and training in the hospitality industry.

More than two thousand and five hundred students have already studied in our facilities, more than two thousand and five hundred experiences and stories, many of them ended successfully in a spectacular professional career, students who work in the best restaurants of Spain, students who run their owns restaurants and have obtained Michelin Star and students who work in other countries like The United States, United Kingdom or Switzerland.

In 2014, we take a new direction by the hand of Erasmus Programme of the European Union, demolishing the national borders of teaching and gastronomy and taking capacity in the exportation of talent and the attraction of new international gastronomy knowledge.

Our Mission

Toledo Culinary Arts School is an organization with a clear aim: to achieve the excellence in the hospitality industry by means of professionals who are the basis of a leading hospitality industry on the world market.

In Toledo Culinary Arts School we try to make sure our students make the complex transition from the academic life to the labour world in a realistic way; being aware of the importance of the quality to achieve the excellence so that they can achieve a personal and professional fulfillment that is a key component of the hospitality industry.

We try to make the students feel the beauty of an excellent work and the satisfaction of a well done work, the ambition which will make them reach the summit wherever they decide to place their professional genius.

The School also has the difficult mission to be a liaison between the hospitality companies and the future professionals.

Value-added differentiation

Among our strong points, we must emphasize our extensive experience in education and training, the high incorporation into the labour world, the close relationship with the best companies of the sector and a select team of professionals.

More than two thousand and five hundred students have already studied our wide range of courses. There are many successful experiences in the hospitality industry and hundreds of business initiatives which became a reality.

A close and personal teaching which is base on the student and his environment to achieve the excellence. It is a relation which goes further the programmes and focuses on the person, supplementing with extracurricular activities. It makes the students take part in his teaching process in a protagonist way and not like a simple observer.

The incorporation into the labour world is another strong point in the School. We have a lot of experience in education and training for unemployed. We achieve a 75% incorporation into the labour world in the first six months after the end of the course.

Our teachers and associate teachers who take part in learning processes in “Escuela de Hostelería Toledo” (Toledo Culinary Arts School) are experts with a double specialization: very experienced teachers of hospitality industry and over all, our collaborators come from the hospitality industry sector, with a professional experience in the best Spanish establishments. So they know perfectly well the sector which the student is going to study. This previous experience facilitates the student’s transition from the education and training world to the labour world which ends with the student placements in the best Spanish restaurants and hotels.

The global experience suppose the inclusion of our teaching in a global competitive framework. The student will learn from a local point of view, to express his gastronomic genius in a global way. Toledo Culinary Arts School has an ambitious internatioal programme, in an autonomous way or by the hand of institutions or programmes like Erasmus+.

The Team

Chef Adolfo Muñoz
Chef Adolfo MuñozPartner and President
Ángela Fernández
Ángela FernándezFounder and Headmistress
Víctor Díaz
Víctor DíazHead teacher
Javier Gutiérrez
Javier GutiérrezService Department Manager
Javier Chozas
Javier ChozasCooking Department Manager
Tamara González
Tamara GonzálezChef
Juani Bautista
Juani BautistaLanguages
Mª del Carmen Fraile
Mª del Carmen FraileLanguages
Javier González
Javier GonzálezMultidisciplinary Subjects
Eva López
Eva LópezMultidisciplinary Subjects
Esther Herrera
Esther HerreraMultidisciplinary Subjects